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Refuse to Quit Fitness

Evan Ernst, a lifelong resident of Morrison and prior WACC CEO student, has a strong passion for fitness and wanted to bring a new gym to the Morrison area.

Challenge: Evan presented to the Illinois SBDC in September 2023, where he sought assistance in starting a new gym business in Morrison. As having prior experience in fitness and training, Evan understood the daily operations of a well-functioning gym. Still, he needed to confirm how to register as a formal business with a new name as well as obtain funding for his new business venture.

How Illinois SBDC helped: Evan met with his business advisor, Justin Bergman, where they worked together on creating a comprehensive business plan with financial projections, including mapping out his revenue streams and long-term goals. Evan and Justin also worked together to establish his Limited Liability Company and completed all Federal, State, and Local forms for his new start-up gym. Evan and Justin also worked together to obtain funding for his start-up gym and completed several applications as well as letters of support.

Result: In February 2024, Refuse to Quit Fitness officially opened in Morrison, IL. Evan successfully obtained funding through the Advantage Illinois Loan Program at Sterling Federal Bank as well as secured both a Revolving Loan and Opportunity Fund Grant through the Morrison Area Development Corporation with the assistance of the Illinois SBDC at Sauk Valley Community College.

Learn More: To learn more about Refuse to Quit Fitness, please visit their website at or visit their gym location at 222 West Main St. in Morrison, Illinois. The 24/7 all-access facility offers the latest workout gear, a variety of classes, and a supportive community to help you reach your fitness goals.

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