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Every business has something that makes it unique. However, there are several areas that every business, no matter what stage they are at in the business life cycle, can choose to focus on to create growth. 

In addition to our advising services, we provide assistance with market research, access to capital, specialized exporting assistance, and referrals to our network partner to learn more about government contracting. We rely on the expertise of our professional staff, our resource partners, stakeholders, and other community organizations to ensure you have access to the resources you need to succeed.



Need assistance with your marketing strategy? Do you want to use digital marketing techniques to reach a new audience? The Illinois SBDC offers access to a Digital Marketing specialist, no-cost one-on-one advising, and marketing trainings.



There are numerous questions you can have when you look into your options for obtaining capital for your company. How do you figure out how much money to borrow? Which loans are you eligible for? Our business advisors can assist you in navigating the loan process and conduct the required research to identify a lender that is the ideal fit for you and your company if you are unclear of your eligibility or what your alternatives are.

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Business Management

To run a successful, wealthy firm, competent management is essential. As a small business owner, it is essential that you carve out some time to examine the pressing problems your company is facing, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and locate the resources that might help you enhance your operations. The Illinois SBDC can give you the resources you need to effectively manage people, money, and your time.

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Business Planning

The basis of your company is your business plan, therefore spending time and money on it now will pay off later. While there is no right or wrong method to draft a business plan, working with a business coach to provide guidance can ensure that your document fulfills your goals for setting up, managing, and expanding your new company.

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Financial Analysis

Are you prepared to start your business's bookkeeping? Do you require assistance reviewing the specifics of the financial performance of your company? Let our experienced consultants examine your spending, cash flow, income statements, and sales forecasts to help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company.

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Human Resources

Your small business's most valuable resource is its workforce.  Through workforce and pay planning, culture and performance management, team-building, and leadership development, we can help you assess and construct a comprehensive and compliant HR operation. Through company counseling, trainings, and other tools available, the Illinois SBDC can assist you in comprehending and putting effective human resource strategies into practice.

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Succession Planning

Regardless of the size, every firm requires succession planning.  The company you worked so hard to develop might fail if you become incapacitated, pass away, get divorced, decide to part ways with your business partner, or are simply ready to retire without a strategy to cope with the unexpected. Our business coaches can guide you through the succession planning procedure and assist with the implementation of a successful plan that reflects your company's objectives and core principles.

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Do you believe your company is too tiny to be vulnerable to a cyberattack? Do you require assistance in locating holes in your present company procedures? The Illinois SBDC can offer you the essential equipment and tried-and-true sources you need to safeguard your privacy, win the confidence of your clients, and maintain the security of your data.

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