Privacy Policy

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Sauk Valley Community College



The Illinois SBDC at Sauk Valley Community College policy is to NOT DIVULGE ANY INFORMATION including the name, email address, mailing address, or phone number of any person or business receiving consulting or training assistance to any other individual or organization without the express written consent of the individual or business owner(s).  


You may request the IL-SBDC share your small business success story.  We are happy and eager to share your success whether it be a launch, growth, or some other milestone or achievement.  Sharing your progress with others enables high-value content for earned and owned media. 


Sharing your success also affirms our consortia of supporters that their investment in your business, via no-cost consulting and training, is providing an excellent return on their investment.  Sharing helps ensure that funding for your IL-SBDC will continue so that we can be a resource for you and other small businesses in our region for years to come.  


To request your IL-SBDC share your story, simply contact us and sign a success story release form.  We will work with you to delineate the parameters of your success story. 


Typically IL-SBDC clients share their business name, description, and an overview of the business achievement or success. 


Here is an example of how a story might be written and shared by your IL-SBDC at Sauk Valley Community College: 


"The IL-SBDC would like to celebrate Jimmy Johnson on the highly successful launch of Jimmy's Sandwich Shop. Working with his IL-SBDC, Jimmy was able to write a successful business plan and implement a high-impact digital marketing strategy. 


Jimmy's well-planned launch combined with his hard work, great customer service, and exceptional sandwiches, has enabled Jimmy to expand from a sole-owner operated shop to a staff of six. 


Jimmy is now working with his IL-SBDC to secure funding for a second location. 


Congratulations Jimmy!  We are thankful for the opportunity to support your entrepreneurial goals."



The above is representative of a simple success story.  We will work with you and follow your lead as to the detail you decide should be included in your public success story.  Your IL-SBDC staff will also help you leverage your story for marketing and promotional value and impact.   


Please be affirmed that no information about you, your plans, or your business will be released without your express written consent.  





To learn more about the IL-SBDC Network website and digital security policies and procedures please click here.   Your IL-SBDC at Sauk Valley Community College's website follows these security and privacy policies.